Climb Denali – A reflective journey


Climb Denali is a breathtaking collection of images and memories by photographer and mountaineer Laurent Dick. The full-color photos perfectly capture the breathtaking beauty of North America’s highest peak (20,320 feet); stunning imagery of clouds seen from above and mountain faces at sunset are interspersed with glimpses of dedicated climbers. Thoughtful quotations intersperse the panoramic images in this brief but beautiful treasury especially recommended for armchair travelers and nature lovers.




“Climb Denali is a beautifully illustrated book and delightful reading for anyone, whether or not you’ve actually climbed to the summit.”

Bradford Washburn, first ascent of Denali’s West Buttress 1951, cartographer and photographer, Director of Boston Museum of Science 1939-1980

“This spectacular rendering of Denali is rare, because along with his refined eye for the colors, forms, and esthetics of the sub-zero wonderland, Laurent Dick is also attuned to the games that climbers play. A breath-taking and authentic portraiture.”

Jonathan Waterman, author of ‘Surviving Denali’ and ‘In the Shadow of Denali’

“A must have book for anyone who has ever climbed or thought about climbing Denali. Laurent Dick expertly captures the visually stunning landscape of the Alaska Range and unique people who climb the mountain and make it the journey of a lifetime.”

Rob Haggart, Photography Editor, Outside Magazine

“Climb Denali shows us the incredible scenery of North America’s highest mountain, its magic, and what it feels like. We are encouraged to lift up our eyes to the vastness of the Universe.”

Jim Whittaker, first North American to summit Mount Everest

“Climb Denali is the type of book that climbers hunger for. A visual odyssey, Climb Denali puts you in the boots of the mountaineer, and reveals North America’s highest peak and the struggle to climb it as seen through the eyes of the men and women who boldly attempt it.”

Duane Raleigh, Publisher and editor in chief, Rock & Ice Magazine

“More than any book I know, Climb Denali captures what a great adventure it can be to climb one of the most challenging and beautiful mountains in the world.”

Art Davidson, climber and author